🎵 Let It Binge, Let It Binge, Let It Biiiiinge 🎵

🎵 Let It Binge, Let It Binge, Let It Biiiiinge 🎵

The moment I packed my backpack and got on the plane, I thought I wouldn’t watch Netflix during my travels. Why should I?

I am no stranger to watching a whole series of ten episodes in one night, you see. But now, I was about to step into an exhilarating real-life stream of different cultures, foreign languages, unusual smells and landscapes. Who needs to watch Chef’s Table or Instant Hotel if you can get the real deal?

I wouldn’t have time to binge on Black Mirror, nor would I have the need to shed tears over Marriage Stories. I had to forget about the Tiny House Nation, Stranger Things and Designated Survivor. I would live the life of never-ending excitement, tight itineraries, quick decisions and unparalleled mind expansion. I was going to be so many new things, but a binge-watcher wasn’t going to be one of them.

And precisely because of this new routine – or lack thereof – binge-watching came back to haunt me faster than I thought. Before I knew it, three planes, seven trains, three buses and one ferry later I was losing sleep over Money Heist.

Was I wasting the precious time otherwise spent exploring the world around me? Was I, in fact, doing the whole long-term travel thing all wrong? I mean, I didn’t buy an around the world ticket to spend time indoors going through the whole of Netflix’s offering. I was baffled. But then I realised that as much as travelling had an element of escape from my previous reality, some of the challenges of long-term travel needed their own forms of escapism too.

I have found that no matter how exciting the new location is and how many new experiences await on the other side of your hotel door, sometimes your bed and a good old Netflix session might be the only world you want to explore at that moment.

So excuse the brevity of this post as I watch the rest of The Two Popes, wondering if Bella Ciao is the only thing Money Heist and this excellent movie have in common.